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Horiwila Ayurweda Wedagedara



Dr. Sena Banda inherits a long tradition of orthopedic treatments in Sri Lanka. The name and fame of Horiwila village in the North-Central province of Sri Lanka became world famous with the rich traditional orthopedic medicinal treatment that one family inherited for centuries and its unblemished continuation to the twenty first century. His knowledge and skills were expanded to the Ayurveda and Indigenous Medicine regulation since 1987 as he was appointed a member of the Ayurveda Medical Council – and also to the university system where he was appointed to the Board of Management of the Ayurveda Faculty of the Colombo University and the Wickramarachchi Ayurveda College of the Kelaniya University.

The exceptional traditional method of treatment practiced at Horawila entirely blends with nature and never contradicts the natural balance of metabolism, but rather respects and supports it through herbals and other natural resources.